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Friday, November 28, 2008

Fairy Deck- coming along nicely...

I'm just loving working on my new fairy oracle deck with Lucy Cavendish. Her words and meanings she's been creating based on my artwork are just so beautiful and inspiring, and I feel as though my art technique and creativity are getting a real work out as well coming up with the new work needed for the deck! I've about 5 more paintings to go, 4 are already sketched up ready to paint, I might share some when they are done.... But I thought in the meantime I might post a little teaser of some I've done so far...

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Little Introduction and Where I'm At...

I've just signed myself up for a couple of new online community networks, and so I decided it's time to do a little bit of an introduction for anyone new out there reading my blogs. I'm an Australian artist and designer, specialising in fairy and fantasy themed art and giftware. I've been working full time on my art career for 4-5 years now, since I was about 22 years old. The best place to find out about me, my art and my business is, but do also visit which is my main portal site with information about my other websites, businesses and projects about the internet!

I know everyone has their favourite online communities, which is why I'm now blogging on a whole stack of different sites, but they will all hopefully have the same posts and content, so never fear, you can just stick with your one favourite site! Here are links to where I'm currently blogging-
Live Journal-
Please note, I do also have a Facebook account, but I'm keeping it private just for me and my real life buddies, so there won't be anything much interesting posted on there anyway!

Generally, I will be posting new artworks, news about my business, new products and designs I'm working on, and also random news about my personal life and interests. During this last year I was diagnoses and treated for breast cancer. Fingers crossed, it's all over now, but I'm sure I'll still be talking about that on and off for a long time yet as well!

I'm testing out a new service that lets me post my blogs to all my sites at once, so fingers crossed all goes according to plan!