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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Forest WIP

I just wanted to share a photo of why I often feel a bit like a mad scientist while I'm painting... Which also has a little snippet of the new painting I'm working on in the corner there. I'm really enjoying painting this mossy forest scene!

Bits of things I'm using (I really should tidy up more while I'm painting, I tend to just let things pile up!)-

Top left corner- a role of baking paper, used as tracing paper when laying out artworks, playing with sketches etc.
Top middle- my acrylics colour chart, so I can pick my colours easier.
Middle- Masking tape for taping down the edges of my painting to the board. Water for washing brushes and everything.
Just under the handle of my water pot is a rubber cememt pick up, for removing masking fluid.
Crumpled tissues... I go through a lot of tissues while painting!
Sea sponge, pallet and brushes. I've become really fond of using chinese mop brushes for a lot of my painting, and mid range taklon for skin and details.
To the right- my watercolour pallet full of pans and tubes, a set of colour pencils, and just a tiny bit of my bag of acrylic tubes right on the far right edge!

1 comment:

Katerina Koukiotis said...

love it !! cant wait to see it finished!! i love your materials and we have the same round pallete :):) and i see some pencils in the background too are they watercolor or plain CP? love watching how other artists work :)